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October is the Season For Change

I firmly believe that things happens for a reason, we may never know the reason why. It may become clear days, weeks, months or even years later. Spirit or the universe, sometimes needs to give us a gentle nudge, a big push or knocks us completely off our feet, to help us grow and move to the next step. Also, be careful what you ask for, as the universe will deliver exactly that.

I am sure that you have heard interviews with several famous celebrities who experience bullying as a child. Feeling alone, they used these experiences to write songs, later in their lives winning awards for their songs (Lady Gaga) . Stories of actors being completely broke, down to the last 5 dollars in their pockets, living in their cars and they feel the push to go to one last audition which leads to their big break. These are all examples how a series of events led to something better.

Take a moment and think back, I bet you would be able to pinpoint several examples of when spirit or the universe nudged or pushed you towards or away from something or someone; directing you down a path which led you to be where you are right now, today. Maybe it was a long-term relationship that ended that led you to something even better, maybe someone or something special or close to you passed away, leaving you wondering why and teaching you something.

I worked 10 years for a global construction company. The culture was male dominated. I was in middle management and the only female in the room. When I became passion on a subject, I was perceived to be an “emotional” female. The environment was toxic. It was affecting my health, both physically and mentally and there was no work live balance which affected my family life. I needed to make a change. I would often daydream about having an entire summer off to sit in the sun and just be. How could I do that and be paid?

The universe helped me with my request. I was laid-off in April and was given a 12 month pay continuance package. Effectively, I had a whole summer of not working but still being paid as it I was. This was exactly what I asked for. It’s never gre

at being laid off, to be honest it hurts, and I was lost. One day I was going to work and the next day I wasn’t. I knew I need to make a change for the sake of my health and family life, I just didn’t know how to do it.

That summer I thought about what I my ideal position looked like. I very carefully wrote everything down of what I wanted in next position, right down to the length of my commute, the salary, the culture, the easy of going through the interview process and the date I wanted to start. I put what I had written down away in a drawer and forgot about it. Eighteen months later, I went back to work in my new position. Months later while cleaning out a drawer I found what I had written down. I carefully reviewed every request and compared it to where I was working and what I was doing. Did I get absolutely everything that I had written down, no, but I did get 95% of it.

October is the season of change. The leaves turning shades of red, orange, and yellow and relief from hot humid days replaced with brisk mornings and cooler day time temperatures. What would you like to change in your life?

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With Reiki Blessings


Autumn colors remind us we are all one dancing in the wind. ― Lorin Morgan-Richards


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