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My gifts started at the young age of 10.  Coming from a very strict family, discussions about spirituality, intuition or anyone having psychic abilities were not acknowledged. Out of fear and lack of understanding, I pushed them away. It wasn’t unusual in my early teenage years for me to feel somehow different or odd.  Hiding my intuitive abilities contributed to my shyness and being seen by others as emotionless.

As a child I was often able to understand the emotions of people but also those of the animals.  There was always at least one cat in our house along with horses and dogs at Grandmother and Uncle’s homes who lived a few minutes outside of Ottawa.  I sought out and took comfort in their company and energy.  They always accepted me as I was, shy and awkward. They always provided me with unconditional love. 

It wasn’t until the early 90’s, after my father passed away from pancreatic cancer, that I began the search for professional guidance to broaden my understanding of the healing art of Reiki and perfect my intuitive and psychic abilities.

Maddie is the newest member of our family.  She bounded into our life in the latter half 2021.   Maddie is an amazing teacher of patience and living in the moment.

maddie .jpg

When my 18-year cockapoo Coco began having back issues, I added to my healing background Animal Reiki and Animal Communications.  Animal Reiki helped her to be more relaxed and relieved some of her pain. Being able to communicate with her helped me know when she was ready to transition. Even though Coco has passed, we continue to communicate on a regular basis.  She often helps me during Animal Reiki and Communication sessions with other dogs and horses.

Coco: Feb 2020 ( photo taken at 18 years of age.)

For the past 5 years, I have had a dream to open a healing sanctuary in my home for others to come and receive healing Reiki treatments and /or messages from spirit or deceased loved ones. I am now ready to share my passion and to support and guide others; both animal and human; on their healing journey.
I am very excited and privileged to be offering services with the opening of Heart and Soul Ottawa Reiki.  

I also work with others who have the same skill and gifts to assist them on the path of life’s journey.   Along with a deep sense of connection to animals, I am drawn to educating youth and young adults in the understanding and development of their own unique talents and gifts so that they don’t feel isolated or different.  
If you would like to learn more about Reiki Animal or Human, Animal Communications or if you are looking for someone with whom to share their insights and experiences in a safe, professional and caring environment get in touch.   


I would be honored to share my passion, knowledge and maybe along the way inspire you to embrace your gifts.


I am an observer, a collector of

a bit of everything,

I love butterflies, bright shiny things and often have bad hair days, especially when it rains. 

No one is you and that is your "superpower"

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