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I am writing on behalf of an amazing Reiki Healer Diana.  She is so kind, wonderful, and so very insightful.  I was given a gift certificate from a very dear friend.  The ease in setting my appointment with diana was incrediable.   I never felt rushed and ended my session feeling amazing and balanced.

Jill L.


For years I had wondered if my cherished Willow knew how much she was loved and missed. 

Diana was able to provide me with answers to my questions and give me comfort in knowing that Willow knew and continues to watch over me and the dogs that have come after her. 

Diana has given me peace of mind and solace, and I am grateful for her gift.

Stacy T.


Diana is an intuitive and compassionate energy healer. I'm going through some family struggles and negativity both at home and at work. I was feeling myself burning out. I was holding on to a lot of anxiety relating to a difficult time with my teenage daughter. I needed to do something thus I reached out to Diana for some energy cleansing.


I've had 3 Reiki sessions with Diana.   Each session was a unique experience. At times I'd feel intense vibrations and goosebumps, unaware if I was dreaming, sleeping or awake. It was a beautiful and uplifting experience!!  After each session, I'd always feel a sense of calmness, relaxed and tired, followed by a burst of energy and rejuvenation the next day. I'm looking forward to continuing my healing journey with Diana

Tracy Charles


I received a life-changing healing from Diana at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed, disconnected from my path, and very uncertain about my future. She was able to sense the source of what was keeping me stuck, and began preparing me for some seriously deep (and much-needed) healing. The entire experience of working with Diana was so powerful and profound... and the best part was how she made me feel safe and protected throughout our time together. There was laughter, a few tears, a newfound sense of relaxation, and a lot of learning. I would highly recommend Diana to anyone looking to create change in your life, and I'm very much looking forward to my next session.

Muni Syed


This was my first ever Reiki session and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Diana led me through the session and made me feel relaxed and safe. It was a very therapeutic experience and after the session I felt warmth and lightness and a sense of well-being. 

Pat R.


I recently had a distant Reiki session with Diana via Zoom.  I was very impressed with her professionalism and how the session unfolded.  Even though we weren’t together in person, the session was very powerful and even two days later, I’m still feeling the effects of the session, and today, I am more grounded and balanced as a result.  During the session, I experienced peacefulness and released a lot of sadness from the passing of my horse, Kali.  I was also very blessed that during the session my Kali girl shared a beautiful memory of us together, one that I had forgotten.  I also received a valuable message from her, which will help me move forward on my healing journey.

If you are considering a Reiki session with Diana, I highly recommend her as she is very gifted in helping people quiet their mind, which in turn will help you along with whatever is needed for your healing journey.

Monique MacMillan
Ontario, Canada


 Diana is a compassionate approachable psychic healer and communicator who shares powerful healing and meaningful messages for people, their dogs and horses.



Diana is a wonderful individual whose compassion really shines through in every session. She has performed reiki on myself and my children throughout the last year and her work really helped calm anxiety and relieve some emotional stress.  Diana is easy to work with, a delight to be around and an effective practitioner. I would highly recommend you try reiki with Diana!  



My husband and I have used Diana's reiki healing. It's making a difference - especially through these difficult times.  I'd highly recommend her services.  (She also provided animal communication to a lost pet for my cousin, who found it very comforting) 

Take a look. You wont regret it.

Sue M.

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. 

Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see  


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