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Let's Talk to Animals- an interview with Shannon Cutts

I had a wonderful interview with Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages, also an Animal Communicator and Reiki practitioner. I share with Shannon how I began my path of communicating with animals.

Animal Communications is intuitively linking thoughts and feelings,

it’s a heart-to-heart connection that focuses on the light within the animal.

We can communicate with our animals that are here with us or in spirit, having made their transition

Our animals connect with us and teach us in so many ways. We simply need to learn to not just listen but hear what they are trying to tell us.

From personal experience, when my dog Coco and my daughter’s horse Zander made their transitions due to health concerns, I was able to connect with each of them. I communicated and explained exactly what the process would be, what would be done, how they might feel, and that they could both leave their bodies several days or hours before the scheduled time. They both transitioned peacefully, knowing what to expect, that they were loved and protected. (Find out more about me)

Reach out to me to schedule a session with your pet--we can communicate with your pet to figure out why they may be doing what they are doing, or receive a message from them, whether they are here with us physically or from the other side.

Thank you, Shannon, so much for sharing your space with me and allowing me to share my journey.

Watch our interview here:

Please check out Shannon on her Instagram: AnimalLoveLanguages

I would love to chat with you.




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