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Fireworks, Thunderstorms & Our Pets

Before I practiced Animal Reiki and Animal Communications, I made the huge mistake of taking my dog, Coco, to a fireworks display at small rural community center just outside of Ottawa. There we were, on the grass sitting on our blanket with all the hundreds of others who were able to find and grab a space; for those who couldn’t find a space, they stood. Everywhere you looked, there were people. My mother, who at the time was in her late seventies, was with us as well.

As we were sitting there waiting for the everything to begin, my mother confessed that she was scared, there were so many people, a lot noise and how were we ever going to find our way back to the car? I calmly, assured her that, everything was fine, we would find our way back to the car and for her to stay close to me. She settled immediately and became excited waiting for things to get going.

The fireworks started. They were amazing! The noise echoed off the near by buildings and you could feel the vibrations. Then, the babies started crying, the toddlers put their hands over their ears screaming “I want to go home!”, parents tried to distract their kids by asking them to “ look at the sky, isn’t it beautiful?” which of course was met with a screaming “NO!”. Coco, my poor dog, was trying to push her head underneath me, she was shaking, crying, and digging. There was nothing I could do but pull her close and hold her. It was a very long ten minutes.

Shortly, on July 1st, Canadians will celebrate Canada’s birthday and on July 4th our American neighbors will celebrate, Independence Day. On these two holidays, families and friends gather to BBQ, grill, and watch or set of their own fireworks. Unfortunately, this year due to Covid, all Canada Day celebrations will be virtually; no large celebrations with thousands of people gathering and no big fireworks displays. My cats have never been so happy.

Animals, dogs, cats etc., have very sensitive hearing and can hear sounds at higher frequencies than we can. Some dogs and cats can be more sensitive and susceptible to developing fear of loud noises, like thunderstorms, and fireworks.

What can you do to help your pets when there are fireworks or during a thunderstorm?

  • If you plan on going to see fireworks, leave your pets at home where they feel safe and secure.

  • Lots of exercise, a long walk for your dog as an example, so they are tired.

  • Distract your animal by giving them a treat (a large bone) or toy that they can play with

  • Have a safe place for your cat or dog to go. A kennel with a blanket over it make a great den for both dogs and cats.

  • Talk to them, calmly, reassure them that everything is okay and that you will stay with them. If you are calm, they will pick up on your demeanor and will start to settle. Continue to talk to them, the sound of your voice will help.

  • Essential oils: Diffusing a couple drops of one of the following essential oils from doTerra:

    • Peace

    • Serenity

    • Lavender

    • Vetiver

    • Roman Chamomile

    • Balance

    • Calmer

    • Copaiba

    • Console

    • Adaptive

Animals have a high sense of smell. When diffusing oils, it is best to use your diffuser in an open space where you animal can leave and come in to and around the room if they need to.

NOTE: If you would like to purchase any essential oils, get in touch with me.

Or visit my Essential Oils site:

I would to love to connect you with your animals.

With Reiki Blessings,



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