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Your Root Chakra - Balance and Stability

March brings with it St Patrick’s day, National Women's History month and the First Day of Spring although where I live, it doesn’t look or feel like spring; yet.

This month is all about feeling and being calm and grounded. The first chakra, the root, will be the focus for this month.

The Root chakra is located at the base of the spine and its color is red.

This chakra provides us with a sense of stability over our entire energetic system. When this chakra is in balance, we feel safe, secure, strong, protected, relaxed and fully capable to meet our basic needs. Imbalance causes energy to be scattered, fearful, anxious, or depressed. Imbalance may also cause physical ailments or pain to manifest in the lower back pain, hips, or legs. It can also cause low energy, and issues relating to the bowels (ie: constipation).

When the root chakra is out of balance, the other chakras from the solar plexus to the crown and very likely also out of balance. Think of the root chakra as the roots a tree or the foundation of your home, without them the tree and the house wouldn’t be strong and sturdy.

Ways to balance the Root Chakra

Take a Walk in Nature

Walking in nature is a great way to balance the root chakra and feel more grounded. Walking barefoot is preferable although not always possible. While on your walk, be present to all the sights, sounds, and smells of the trees, plants, and animals. I love to take my Maddie, my dog for a walk through the forest. She can be off leash so that she is free to run through the trees to bark and chase the squirrels; we are still working on that. 😊. During my walk, I will often stop to touch and feel the bark on the trees. It feels very grounding. So don’t be afraid to hug a tree. Give it a try, it really is a great way to ground yourself.


Yoga is a great way to balance the root chakra. It will come as no surprise that the best pose is “tree” pose. Yep, back to the trees again. While in tree pose, visualize the color red. This will help with grounding and aligning the chakra.

Dance, Run, Hike:

Take a run, a hike, or dance to your favorite song. Do whatever you enjoy that moves your body. I am not sure about you, when I run or hike, it forces me to focus on my breathing.

Positive Affirmations:

Daily affirmations can help to change and improve negative attitude and self-talk to a positive attitude.

Start each day by saying positive affirmations out loud or to yourself, three times. Affirmations can also be written down on a sticky note and put on the mirror in the bathroom or where you see it often.

Here are some examples of root balancing and opening affirmations:

  • I am enough just as I am

  • I am grounded and connected to the earth below me

  • I am safe and protected

  • I allow myself to feel supported by those around me.

Essential oils and Crystals

The best crystals to use for the root chakra, are those that are dark red, brown, or black stones. Crystals, such as smoky quartz, obsidian, bloodstone, or black tourmaline are the best choices as they offer protection and grounding.

Remember to cleanse any crystals that are used by placing them on a windowsill in the sun or moonlight or rinsing them in water with the intention of them being cleansed.

Using essential oils to open and balance the root chakra is very beneficial as the root chakra is associated with the sense of smell. Essential oils like sandalwood, cedar wood, rose wood, black spruce, patchouli, ylang ylang, myrrh, ginger, and vetiver. These oils help to promote a calm, secure and grounded feeling.

Here are a couple of diffusing blends that I use in my practice.

If you are not sure about diffusers for your oil blends, I talk about that in my blog: The Mystery Behind Diffusers and Diffusing Essential Oils.

Root Chakra Blend:

  • 2 drops of Vetiver

  • 2 drops of Ginger

  • 2 drops of Patchouli

  • 4 drops of Myrrh

Steady Calm:

  • 2 drops of Cedarwood

  • 2 drops of Frankincense

  • 1 drop of Vetiver


Reiki helps to clear out heavy energy/emotions such as grief, sadness, and anger allowing healing energy to flow freely throughout the body. Through release and clearing of these energies, chakras are aligned, in balance and open.

In my practice, I use a combination of essential oils, crystals, and Reiki. The crystals and essential oils used are intuitively selected and vary depending on the client. Each of my clients sets an intention for the sessions, e.g., to balance the root chakra and during the session this area may receive more attention than other areas of the body. I intuitively listen what the body tells me to focus during the session keeping in mind the client’s intention

If you would like more information on essential oils, doTerra, or you would like to book a session, I would love to connect with you.

With Reiki Blessings,



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