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How Do I Connect With Animals, People or Spirit?

In my Reiki practice, the question that I am asked the most is “how do I connect with animals, people or spirit?”

Would you believe me if I told you that we are all born with the ability to connect, see and hear spirits? Most of us don’t or won’t acknowledge these abilities and will eventually “grow “out of them. Simply, we get into our heads and find ways to logically explain things we don’t understand or fear.

Think of connecting as tuning into your favorite radio station frequency. The further away you are from the signal, the weaker or fuzzier the connection. The closer you are the stronger the connection. If you adjust the frequency eventually you will pick up the strongest frequency and boom, you hear your favorite songs playing on the radio. Pretty, simply right?

It is no different when I connect, I tune into the frequency of my client, an animal, or a person. I begin with ensuring that I am grounded, centered, and present; that my mind isn’t making lists of things I need to do or have forgotten to do. I set an intention to be open and receptive, then I wait and pay attention to what I see, what I hear and what I feel; then I do what I am called to do or what feels right.

Like an Olympic or professional athlete, through intention, training, practicing, perfecting and preparing, you can learn to tune into the frequencies of others.

“Until the mind is open, the heart stays closed.

The open mind is the key to an open heart.”

Byron Katie

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