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Do Our Pets Know How Much They Were Loved When They Cross Over The Rainbow Bridge?

The answer is: yes, they do.

We all have had a pet or pets that have come into our lives, changed us in ways we never thought possible and then one day, way too soon, they are gone. They crossed over the rainbow bridge, leaving us behind and taking a piece of our hearts with them. We are left grieving, heartbroken, wanting just a bit more time with them and wondering if they knew just how much they were loved.

Coco, my 18-year-old Cockapoo was the catalyst for me becoming an Animal Communicator. She had some health challenges; she was blind, had lost pretty much all her hearing and she couldn’t walk as far as she used to. As her hearing decreased, I found myself speaking to her in my head more then out loud. If I had the ability to connect and communicate with her, to understand her needs, to provide her with the care she needed, wanted, and deserved, won’t that be amazing!

My clients come to see me shortly before their pet transition or shortly after they have crossed over. Here are some of the common questions that I am asked.

  • How will I know when they are ready to transition?

  • Every animal is different and because you know your animal the best, you will know when they are ready.

  • Are they in pain?

  • Did I do the right thing?

  • Did they know I was there with them?

  • Did they know how much they were loved?

  • Are they okay?

Rest assured that your pets are totally fine, they are healthy, happy and pain free. They miss you as much as you miss them! Yes, you did the right thing because it was done out of love and they know that.

When Kitty was struck by a car, we were devastated; it was so quick and unexpected. As my daughter was holding her in the Vet’s parking lot, saying her good-byes, I felt her brush up against my leg. Our animals find creative ways to let us know that they are okay; for Kitty it was brushing up against my leg and saying to me “Hey I’m good”.

When you had taken the time to heal, the best way to honor our pets is to invite another animal into your life, love them and create a new set of memories. I believe that all our animals wait for us just on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

I offer Animal Communications for a greater understanding and to relay messages they may want to share with you. I would love to connect you with your animals. Book a session for yourself or as a loving and thoughtful gift.

Reiki Blessings ~ Diana


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